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Why is this not taught universally.

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Were you guys aware that feelsfictional is the greatest? Because she seriously is. Exhibit A: THESE AWESOME SOCKS

Thank you so much!!! I honestly starting shrieking when I opened the package and saw all the spidies, and Jaime couldn’t stop inspecting them, speechless, trying to figure out how in the world you made them. You’re a flippin’ TREASURE, and your knitting skills are just. Just. WOW. <333

ahhh, I’m so glad you love them :D this is the pattern I used, with some modifications. the little spiders are a bobble, some slipped stitches with yarn in front, and a french knot to finish. <3333

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i wonder how many people im in the “id be down if you asked” zone with

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NYPD Cops Arrest Mom Who Was Waiting For Family To Return From Restroom



"The New York Daily News reports that when Huq “said she was in pain, one of the officers, Ryan Lathrop, allegedly told her, ‘Shut your mouth.’ When he found out she had a different last name than her hubby, he told her ‘In America, wives take the names of their husbands.’

As it turns out, Chaumtoli Huq is a human rights attorney. She says she is on leave from her position as general counsel for NYC Public Advocate Letitia James. And she says she’s suing.”


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